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and now some fiona history

Fiona had once told her sister long ago that she wanted "infinity". To rule each and every world she came across, without exception. True, there had been the occasional failure, but from those failures, she grew - she became stronger. There was an infinite number of universes out there, and by the time she was "done" conquering even the majority of them...

There would be an infinite more to conquer - making her former majority a minority. She was full aware it was a neverending process, but one she strove for all the same.

Even with how bright her sister was, and with how in tune she and her other sister were, she knew for a fact neither of them had caught on to her secret. Naturally, it was very likely the nature of the secret itself that prevented either of them from suspecting.

For you see, there was a secret compartment in Fiona's Knightmare. It was a special area that had no discernable function to the naked eye - it was simply empty space, filled to the brim with liquid. A liquid that, to Fiona, was her almost as important as her life. It was her life.

This secret compartment was filled with the water of the Fountain of Youth. Not simply the island's - no, she had found others in her time. Some had mystical properties, that cured any sickness, and others simply stopped the aging process or aged her down. With all she had mixed together, she had such a vast reservoir that her Knightmare was practically a walking Fountain of Youth all on its own.

Perhaps they had never considered how Fiona could go out and conquer dozens of worlds and return the same age she had been when she had left. Perhaps they simply attributed it to the magic of the island. Perhaps, being triplets, the idea that their age could change from one another never crossed their minds - no matter how smart they were.

... But the real secret?

Fiona was old. Fiona was older than her sisters. In fact, she was older than her father, her mother, and quite likely her grandparents at this point.

Fiona did not storm into a world and conquer it with an iron fist. Not always, anyway.

No, Fiona was a woman of class. She wanted those she ruled to want her to rule them. She wanted them to idolize her. It was because of this that she had lived many, many lives - some short, some long. Sometimes she was an angel inside a steel goddess, descended from the heavens, and others she was saving a world from the inside out - or even outside in. She had done it all. She made it a point to make sure, even if she left a world for hundreds of years - or never came back! - they would always worship her. This was how she lived.

Indeed - Fiona had lived. She had grown. She had learned. She had lost. She'd even nearly died on a few occasions.

And once, just once, she'd even loved.

It was in her eleventh world - she had been going strong. Ten victories in a row. She was on a bit of a high, and she'd gotten cocky. She had decided that she would take a more personal route with this one, and get to know some of her soldiers. She decided she would up their morale in a way even her father never had.

She would get to know them, their families, and truly be a leader like no other. She would bond with them to the point that she would never forget them. In this world, she would be a kind leader.

And among her soldiers was a kind young man. He shone out to her early on, claiming victory in a battle that had nearly been a defeat, but it wasn't until she'd begun this new plan that she had really gotten to know him. She learned how he began the fight because his little sister had been killed in an accident, when the enemy soldiers had invaded their city.

She had heard countless stories like this before, but... This story made her sad. For some reason, a reason that was beyond her at this point, she found herself compelled to kiss him. She, the leader of the nation that would rule the world, was kissing a mere soldier.

He kissed her back.

She didn't care anymore.

The world's time seem to fly by. Country upon country fell, and soon, only a few remained. She and the soldier were to be married in just a few months.

Fiona had never, in all her life, been happier.

Eleven worlds in, and she was already considering giving up "infinity" - an ideal she had only barely started to come up with. She was happy here. She thought less and less of ruling as each day went by and more and more of things like married life and even children. Even though she had been a tomboy for most of her life, she was willing to give even that mindset up to be the wife of this man - even if, on the side, she would be ruling the world. Perhaps it was already gone.

It was not to be.

He had left something out when he had told her how an enemy invasion had killed his sister. It was a detail some might think unimportant in comparison to the fact that he had lost his sister, but given the events that were to follow, this one detail was the most important detail of all.

Yes, the enemy in his story was an invading country. But there was just something about that country he had opted to not mention until one day, when he cornered Fiona alone in their kitchen.

The invading country was the one Fiona had chosen to side with.

He had never thought of her as his wife-to-be. He had always, and only, thought of vengeance and ambition. He would take her life and then, declaring it an accident, rule the world in her stead. He had planned meticulously, and the time was just so that it was time.

He took her by surprise. She had been cooking him his favorite meal. She had never been much of a cook, but for him, she had been willing to learn. For him, she thought, she could do anything.

She still barely remembers it to this day. It was so much of a shock she floated around, in-between worlds, for at least a week before she began to realize she was still alive. That she still existed - that that life was over.

He stormed into the kitchen like a madman, ready to kill.

Yet it was she who flew out of the house in tears, his blood covering her hands and clothes.

It wasn't just the first world she'd fled from without claiming victory.

Nor was it just the last time she stopped being "kind" to her soldiers - her peons.

It was the first world where she had killed.

She decided, after that, to only love her sisters and her parents. To rule those from other worlds, but never love them.

Hundreds of worlds and even more years later, this decision was still as firm and clear in Fiona's mind as the day her heart had been broken and the face of the man who had smashed it to pieces.