Jan. 6th, 2011

Akane: The nice, sweet, polite little sister. After learning about her parents' histories in her childhood, namely how DARK AND TRAUMATIC they were, she took it upon herself to put a "bandaid" on them so they would be able to recover. At first glance, she's a sweet, selfless girl, but beneath that is someone who puts the happiness of everyone else above her own and quite honestly, though she hides it so well you'd never know, is terrified of the idea of other worlds from what she's heard of them over the years, and would just rather everyone stay on the island and never leave and go to worlds where things might go wrong... but since that kind of thing would make them unhappy, she can't very well voice this opinion out loud.

Fiona: The middle child; she's the crazy one that inherited Lelouch's charisma, Mion's enthusiasm, and the leadership skills of both. After hearing about her father's history from Akane as a child, instead of taking the "make it better" route, Fiona took a more... well, deviant route. Quickly a habit of wearing a black cape came, and it never left, and not long after she began to carry around her father's Zero helmet. In her later years, she travels to other worlds and conquers them for the sheer fun of it, and develops some kind of conquerer complex as time passes; however, the only people who know about this are some of the other kids and her sisters.

Shirley: The oldest triplet. Being his first-born, if only by a little, and named Shirley, she ended up spoiled by Lelouch a little over the other two in her childhood. Unfortunately, this turned around to bite him in the ass because as she grew up, she turned out to be lazier and much more unconcerned with just about everything. Despite her lazy, I-don't-care attitude, when it comes to her sisters, she probably knows them even better than they know themselves, and can always say the right thing to make them burst into tears or get absolutely FURIOUS... while still being absolutely right at the same time. When Akane informed her about the past lives of her parents, Shirley acted as though she didn't care, deciding that she would continue living her happy life of pizza and islands, but being the oldest of the sisters, as time went on even she could see the path they were headed, and knew SOMEONE had to be there for their parents when they started trying to kill each other. Besides, staying at home was a lot less troublesome than getting into crazy fights over worlds and morals and things...

Because of Fiona's constant taking-over-of-other-worlds, she and Akane don't get along as well as they did when they were younger, but they tolerate each other on a friendly basis, and Akane trying to take away Fiona's source of happiness would just make her a hypocrite. (At which point Shirley points out, deadpan as she munches on pizza or some such treat, "What about the happiness of the people in all the worlds she's conquering? Or is it okay because they're from other worlds?" and Akane just goes back to chores)

So in the end, nothing happens but stretching it out. As it happens, though, Lelouch (in a moment of... fatherly wisdom-- and maybe pestering from his wife) gave each girl a key to their own Knightmare way, way back, and while only Fiona actively uses hers, what she doesn't know is that hers and Akane's were meant to be "yin" and "yang", being black and white, and Shirley's was based on the concept of "wuji". Not only that, but not only can Akane and Fiona's Knightmares combine into an ultimate "yin and yang" Knightmare, but that combined form can further combine with Shirley's to achieve their ultimate form.

Of course, with Akane and Fiona's opposing world-views, surely before any combination happens, it's much more likely that a confrontation would occur, and that's not even taking Shirley's attitude into account.... It'd probably be some kind of multi-universal chase, if anything.

Note that this stuff like mecha battles, mass world conquering (on Akane's part), and SISTER SISTER SISTER WARS and whatnot wouldn't probably come to full fruition until their mid or even early teens, while in their pre-teens and "kiddy years" and whatnot (probably what would be played during a lovechild event), they'd just be more "the lazy one", "the polite one", and "the crazy/loud one" more than these things.


Mion Sonozaki

June 2011


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