Mion Sonozaki ([personal profile] yamionrly) wrote2008-12-07 03:11 am

[log: after lelouch's birthday party!!]

*sob just walked into the higurashi hut and is mumbling to herself*

Aaaaah... I can't believe this! I went in there going to help throw him a party and then Kallen wants to talk about... Waaaaah... Where's Shion when you need her? I can't even talk to Lelouch about this for once...

I can't believe I would think that... Okay, maybe I can but-- I didn't... I haven't said it, not even to myself! ... well I said it to Kallen now, so... And her, too?! But... Damn it, this is so complicated!

... but for better or for worse, it's definetely true. I... guess I... can admit that now. Jeez, this is... what's this old man supposed to do now?

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