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Character Name: Maebara Keiichi
Series: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Job: Freelance worker, muscle for hire, errand boy, etc.
Location: Flower Bud Village

Once upon a time, there was a village. A nice, quiet little place, called Hinamizawa, with a school so small the entire class - kindergarden through high school - barely filled up a single room. This place really was the good life, that's what any tourist could tell you. The people are friendly when they're not rioting, kidnapping the grandson's of high up politicians, and being creepy in public; and for the past four years, during the village's yearly festival, there have been strange murders and disappearances (most of which were plotted by some crazy nurse, not that Keiichi knows anything about that from where I'm taking him) - and it's almost time for the festival to happen again!!

Scary, huh? Well, lucky for Hinamizawa, their "almighty" feared/revered "god" - who really isn't anything to be feared, just an adorable little girl that no one can see most of the time - controls time, and when things go bad, she rewinds so that her and the heir to a certain family can try to fix the future so that they can live on with their friends without dying, to live past the fated summer and escape the labyrinth of pain; dramatic and cool sounding things like that.

Now, enter Maebara Keiichi! Keiichi, known by his future friends as the Magician of Words, is a man's man's man; a guy who's not afraid to speak his mind, be a pervert in public should the time be right (and be a huge pervert inside his own head most other times), wear a dress if the situation calls for it or kill his best friends in a fit of paranoia!. He's the go-to guy for a friend, even if he can be really thick at times, and if you need someone to boost your confidence and make you think the impossible is possible? Go watch Gurren Lagann. Keiichi is your man! He even has a history of being a genius just for the attention, and shooting at innocent little girls with a BB gun!

Yeah, Keiichi shot at little girls before he moved to Hinamizawa, due to his strange need for attention, which he at first focussed on being smart until people stopped praising him for that and got used to his genius. Of course, shooting a girl in the eye sucks, and having your conscience finally speak up afterward sucks even more, which is what lead Keiichi's family to move. And move they did, move to Hinamizawa, that is. There, Keiichi would meet a harem group of girls, all of whom were part of a club that he would end up roped into joining. Which was okay, really, because aside from the getting forced to do various things when he lost thing, they were the best friends he'd ever have.

However, once it hits festival time, things usually tend to go downhill. Someone dies - usually a man named Tomitake - and someone disappears. This is known to the villagers and police, even by those that don't believe it, as "The Curse of Oyashiro-sama". And after the death and dissapearance during the festival, usually Keiichi will either go mad or be faced with a dear friend going mad, and either way, this can only lead to a BAD END. Luckily for good ol' Kei-chan, he'll be arriving in Flower Bud Village a few days before the festival begins, and therefore, basically, in before bad or good ends. If specifics are required, then probably before Tatarigoroshi; as that arc has Keiichi starting off being more friendly with the village folk, as well as better adapted to his new home; and the like.


What did her father say I should do when I wanted to call those things again...? Oh, right! This has to work for sure!!


Hey, you pigs, get over here right now!! Don't you want dinner?! -- H-Hey, don't-- you just got mud all over me! Get back here damn you!! Forget this job, you're going to be bacon and pork chops by the time I'm through with you!!

... They got away. Tch... why did I agree to this job again...!? Nothing can be worth this...! Nothing!!

No, no, no! Calm down, Maebara Keiichi, calm down...! You can't give up now!! Think of the beautiful farmer girl just waiting to pay you for this job, with an amazing meal waiting for you hand cooked by her soft and tender hands just for you as her own personal thanks!! You can't let her down, can you!? Of course not! No, you have to perservere!! This next week's meals are depending on those pigs!!

Listen, my rotund brothers! You've been running from me for a good hour now, right?! Do you realize all of the calories you've burned doing that!? While us humans might be envious of something like that, for you you should fear it!! Will any pig girl even want to spend their time with an underweight man when they could have the large and in charge pig instead!? Of course not! Do you want to risk never meeting a beautiful pig to have pig children with!?

I think not! Come now, quickly, to your pen so I can lock you inside and never let you out again and eat! .... Hm, did I say something, Wilbur? Hah! You must have been hearing things!

Yes! That's right, pigs! Come back to your pen, an amazing feast like no other is awaiting your soon-to-be-glorious pink bellies!!


Heheheh... This took an hour and a half less then last time. Just as planned.


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