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First Festival - beware huge post and huger loading times!

-Shooting Gallery: If you can hit the targets, you can win some faaabulous prizes! And by fabulous prizes I mean stuffed animals that may or may not randomly grope their owners.-Gaming Tables: Board games of all kinds will be available for your enjoyment! Chess, Scrabble, Checkers, Monopoly, you name it!

-Cosplay Booth: Are your clothes too boring? Are you ugly? Do you feel like a woman inside? Then come and get moleste-- I mean,come to Sonozaki Mion's cosplay shop for a change of clothes, just for the occasion!!

-DELICIOUS BUFFET: Food cooked not only by Mion, but picked from all the fabulous food trees that the island has to offer, and more! Mion's even made fruit punch for all of those people who don't want to have any coconuts - though those are around too! There shall even be COTTON CANDY!

-Okita-san's Fans: Fans by the great Okita Souji, all of which have the character for "festival" written on them!

-TWISTER SHOWDOWN: Play with your friends, have a blast! Sonozaki Mion's special pizza twister sets can be found nearby the gaming tables, stationed near convenient voyeur-capable foliage! See THIS THREAD for how twister games will work, and people will be put into games at random.*

-House of Mirrors: Remember the old school carnival favorite? Well, it's back - but these mirrors... if you see them waving at you, or something like that, well... it might not be your imagination.

-Demon Bottles: Toss a ball at some milk bottles with painted demon faces on them! You get three throws to knock down all of the bottles, and if you do, you can win a fabulous prize! What's that? You missed and you hear demonic laughter? That must be in your head, hahahaha...!

-Super Fantastic Karaoke Time: Is there a song inside that you just want to let everyone here? Then hold it in no longer, come to the karaoke machine and sing to your heart's content!

-Fireworks Extravaganza: Thanks to Satoko and some borrowed items from Kururu, this festival will be closing with the most amazing fireworks display you've ever seen!

-The Three Legged TRUST CHALLENGE: Remember the three legged races from last time? Well those are being kicked to the curb! Instead, you are going to be tied to a person, though with this characters can pair eachother up themselves as opposed to "random". In this, you must walk through the forest for an HOUR! If you come back and are still in a good mood then you get a fabulous prize!! Oh and if you try to walk away the rope will electrocute you. :D

-Ranka Lee's Concert: On a stage built by a preteen homo huge fan of Ranka's, the beautiful young girl shall be performing for all of those attending the concert! Stay and listen to her beautiful songs, which she shall be performing beautifully!

Now, that's all of it! Sounds like fun, amirite? Well-- Oh, how could I forget...

-Sonozaki Mion's Love Love Ocean Adventure: In this, you will be handcuffed to someone - at random* no less - and put out to sea on a fabulous magic pink canoe! And the thing is, until the two lovebirds kiss or make some kind of meaningful realization about each other, they will stay handcuffed, and through "magic", the boats will keep rowing around the ocean. Once the cuffs are off, though, you can take control of the "magic" boat's oars and do whatever the heck you please - if that's get to a secluded spot to make out or get yourselves back to the beach and get the hell away from the other person, well, that's really up to you. ♥
*And by random I mean use this post to pair yourselves off. GO GO GO PEOPLE.

Aaaalright, now here is how it's going to work. Mion will make threads for each of these events - discluding Ranka's concert, which will be made by Ranka, for obvious reasons - and then finish up with a thread for just "mingling", all of which will be linked off of this post, so you don't need to go through tons of threads to find the one event you want.

Inside each of these event threads, you can treat them each as a post of their own, meaning you don't comment on the actual post, but all of Mion's threads, and threadhopping is totally fine for all of the events they're applicable for. Throw