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they totally have a flying minivan

- Were raised to both be martial artists and duelists, and all children (preferences aside) got enough training before going their separate ways (in terms of interests) to be more than proficient at what they do
- Crow and Kazuha travel around to other worlds fairly often, so the kids have a good grasp of things like that. The twins, in particular, abuse it.
- The oldest brother has a strained relationship with the younger three, since they feel like they don't need to be protected, but there's a "comradery" with the twins at least. Likewise, the twins tease the PANTS out of... well, everyone except the other twin, and the daughter just wants to prove she can hold her own to whoever asks - even if no one's asking.
- More used to ~futurey~ things due to their occasional time in Neo Domino, but trips to the "past" get them adjusted to regular worlds... even if their dad is the worst of it. The twins, at least, come in second (sometimes first if they want to make a show of it) place though.

- The "protector" of his younger siblings, always looking out for them, overprotective - pretends to be not as big on dueling as his other siblings so he can be the "mature older one", instead focuses on the physical... but duels in secret all the same, since before they were born, he was a little kid and loved it - not it's his secret shame. He uses an Ice Barrier deck.
- The only one of the four kids that is unmarked, making family photos rather hilarious given Crow and his other siblings are all marked in some way whereas he and his mother stand out with perfectly clean faces
- When he even sees a bruise on any of them he gets worried and goes into WHO HURT YOU DO I NEED TO GO FIND THEM AND GIVE THEM A TALKING TO mode. He's not violent, but if you touch his siblings he will not rest.
- He's much more quiet compared to... his entire family, really - and very much like "Uncle" Yusei in that he's quiet but entirely devoted to his beliefs and those he cares about. In his case, however, sometimes he can be a little too devoted to them and not nearly devoted enough to himself.

TWINS - BOTH "Raven & Robin"
- They're enormous showoffs and, more than anything, love attention. It doesn't matter whether it's from boys or girls (it's not romantic attention they want, just attention), adults or kids, if there's a crowd cheering for them then they're happiest.
- Because of their attitude, they're the pair that do "world hopping" the most outside of the family's usual ventures - they go wherever they can find dueling, physical excitement, or other competition-based worlds and get as many fans as possible.
- They very rarely fight, but when they do, they try to settle it with a good old fashioned brawl by themselves provided it's not so heated it's past settling it maturely.
- Though they're both actually fairly different young men, they act alike so much of the time that it's really hard to tell it until you get to know them - it's all for their show. Think definitely heterosexual Hitachiins.
- Were in an accident at some point in their childhood that they can't remember. Though it doesn't bother them, or even their parents (kids are kids) that much, it is likely one of the many things that set off their older brother's PROTECT 'EM ALL gene.
- When "performing" or at least during their "double" performances, they almost naturally speak in the same tone and generally use the same type of vocabulary, somehow completely overriding how they normally act
- Despite their teasing, (most of the time) they mean well and are actually fairly friendly individuals. When they get warmed up, though...
- They are perfectly capable of being apart for long periods of time - they've even gone as far as hunting down two versions of the same world, then going solo in each to see who can get the most fans. ... Yeah. Their minds work in mysterious ways.

- Ambidextrous, uses his left hand; purposely got a vertical, curved marker under his left eye - they claim this strategy was so that people could always tell them apart
- The "rough" brother, he prefers brute force over a clever trap; he uses a Genex/Genex Ally deck to both work with his brother and still be unique on the field of battle. This deck is typically saved for showing off (which is all of the time) and when he's with his brother, especially when in a tournament or a Tag Duel.
- Takes his "older brother" role very seriously... but only with his twin, and only his twin knows it. He can and will can serious and ridiculously angry if you hurt his brother. The same applies to the rest of his family, but his twin is a very special case.
- He's very exciteable, loud, and generally uses a lot of slang when speaking. He's a great friend, and very much like his dad in that regard, even if, like his brother, he loooves to tease.

- Ambidextrous, uses his right hand; purposely got a vertical, curved marker under his right eye - they claim this strategy was so that people could always tell them apart
- The "smart" brother, he prefers skillful strategy over a swift punch in the face; he uses a Genex/R-Genex deck to both work with his brother and still be unique on the field of battle. This deck is typically saved for showing off (which is all of the time) and when he's with his brother, especially when in a tournament or a Tag Duel.
- In taking the "younger brother" role of the twins (as well as general youngest brother overall), he'll simply resort to correcting the big brother with things like "forgive my big brother" or things like that - he takes a very "deadpan snarker" to the role, given they're twins and all. To each other, though, he does know and feel like the younger brother, but their bond as twins far surpasses the older/younger brother one anyway.
- Though he's the "smart" one, he is by no means a "cool, icy" person you might expect to be opposite his twin. However, he does tend to be less exciteable, he's much more polite... but when in the mood, he can be just as loud and, like his dad and brother, a fantastic friend who will always be there for you, all teasing aside.
- While his brother's teasing is more lighthearted, his teasing can get a little more on the snarky side.

- From being teased/protected by her siblings her whole life, developed a "prove herself" complex and always always ALWAYS pushes her limits. Because of this, she's mastered both her mother's martial art, dueling, and about a few dozen other things that her siblings don't even have. She's also working on a second language.
- ... But because of all of this, she overworks herself a lot, and passing out from lack of sleep has become a regular thing.
- Has a large scar on her right cheek from an accident she was in when she was little; she attempted to participate in a Riding Duel all her own and things didn't go well
- After being tormented about her fear of bugs as a little girl, she decided to use Steelswarm (to a little kid, essentially horrifying giant mutant insect-esque monsters straight from a nightmare) in order to overcome her fear - soon after, she started dominating with them and made them her permanent deck choice

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