Mion Sonozaki ([personal profile] yamionrly) wrote2007-09-28 08:38 pm

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Come one, come all, to the event of the century! Brought to you by Sonozaki Mion and Morita Shinobu, we are VERY proud to present to you the first ever Island Festival! That's right, everything here is one hundred percent safe, no interfering land masses to cause chaos on this joyous day!

Feel free to have some food and snacks, partake in the wonderful games the great Sonozaki Mion has assembled for all of you, get your fortune told by the great and all knowing Morita-sama, or just hang around! Whatever you want to do is great, so long as, on this grand day, you can have fun and forget you're trapped here and probably never ever going to leave~!

And please please don't lose at the games, Ojisan will have to give you a harsh penalty game if you do really really bad on them~! ♥

((READ THIS POST IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON. PLEASE. ALL IS EXPLAINED THERE. And feel free to threadhop by the way! Will put up threads for various games and link them on the OOC post for easy access after it gets going for a little. You can comment to the games and also just start your own threads chilling and stuff! o/))

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