Mion Sonozaki ([personal profile] yamionrly) wrote2011-04-16 12:38 pm

time marches on

It always bothered Fiona, that the island was always at the center of everything. She knew, after mentioning it briefly to them when there was a chance to discuss, that it was something Riko and Omegadelta simply accepted – the island was a special world, after all, all three of them knew that better than anyone.

Even so… Even so… It just didn’t make sense. Why was it that they couldn’t just go away for years and years and return at the exact moment in time that they had left? With other worlds, such a task was simple. Other worlds split infinitely from their singular “original” world, and if the goal was to pick out one that was at the exact point in time where they had left and return there, it would be as easy as walking into a door that she had just left.

But with the island… This didn’t work. There was only one island. One constant line that kept moving.

As Fiona grew older – and as time on the island continued to march on despite everything – this question began to grow even more and more important. Couldn’t she stop the island’s time flow!? Surely, if she just… “borrowed” Riko for a little while, then they could freeze it in place indefinitely for when they were away. Their parents, their siblings, their friends; they would all be there when they got back, never asking “Where have you been?”, never worrying…

At the very least, couldn’t the “magic” of the island be cracked? Yes, couldn’t it? Make it so they could just go to an alternate world where their relatives had begun to indulge in the fountain of youth as they had, and leave the “original” behind – wasn’t this sort of thing possible?

But wait! Couldn’t this go a step further? Couldn’t they start freezing other worlds too? Just while they were taking a break, of course, but only then… Couldn’t “Infinity” be frozen? Then they would never have to leave their family again!

This train of thought… It was very unlike Fiona to think like that. Or was it? If there was anything anyone with Sonozaki blood running through their veins cared about, it was family. And Fiona’s… it was aging, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Soon, she knew, even though she had lived lives upon lives already, there would be a time when she would have to start living without them.

But she wasn’t one to give up. The blood that flowed through her veins, on both ends, simply wouldn’t allow her to give up. She had conquered “death”, why did her family still have to lose to it!?

It was a childish thought, she knew. She had met many who accepted death with grace, with dignity, and some, by their old age, welcomed it. She was a woman of at least a thousand years by now, if not much, much longer, and had seen countless things… But this was different. This would always be different. With her father, her mother, her treasured sisters, she was not Infinity – she was not an angel descended from above to lead a world to prosper, nor was she the Metal God there to fix a world in ruin. She wasn’t Infinity, the never aging woman who led a world as its Queen or President or Empress for hundreds of years, no, she wasn’t any of these things.

She was just Fiona. These were her parents and her sisters. And she didn’t want to lose the only people in any world that she had left.