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They had been at it what seemed like for hours, but neither of them were going to back down. It was a fight to the finish - no, to the death. A black haired man stood across from a green haired woman, both of them clearly armed. Their clothes were torn, their bodies were bruised and tired, but neither one of them seemed ready to back down.

"Is that all you have?" Lelouch smirked, cracking his whip-like sword onto the ground. Mion swirled her daggers in her hands, giving him an even look.

"That was just a warm up," she told him, and not a moment later she was running towards him, her weapons raised. A few slashes at him, which all were blocked, and what remained of his shirt was ripped off by the blades. "Hope you don't get too cold like that."

"Funny, I was just thinking I could use a little cooling off," Lelouch replied calmly, cracking his weapon against the wall, causing it to fall over. He stepped backwards, onto the fallen wall. "But that's enough of that. Shall we continue?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing," was the answer to his question - and without a second's hesitation the woman threw herself at him, a flurry of slashes coming at the man - some of which even he had trouble blocking. She leapt back a few paces and licked her lips. "Can't keep up?"

"Hardly!" A swing of his own weapon and her own shirt was torn clean off. Lelouch swung his whip, and at that very moment, Mion leapt into the air, delivering a crushing blow to the back of Lelouch's neck. The young man fell to the ground, giving Mion ample time to deliver a blow while he was trying to get back up.

Except he didn't get back up.

Two words remained for Mion, as she did a final twirl of her weapons and proclaimed her victory over Lelouch.


"Tch, damn it!" A wireless controller nearly missed the flashing victory message and went sailing right over the television. The boy that had been walking outside that window had not been so lucky. Mion stood from her seat, stretching her arms and scowling. "I was so close that time! I'm going to sleep! And we're having a rematch tomorrow, Lelouch!"

Lelouch glanced from the green haired woman giving a victory pose on screen to his friend's retreating back, starting to chuckle but ending up letting out a loud yawn.

That day, the inn's residents weren't sure which bothered them more - that the two of them had spent over an entire day playing a video game or that they'd been beating themselves up in it.

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... well, Seve, I would call it Seve's brand of faggotry, AKA Sevaggotry.

It's catchy! :D But this is also adorable, so it's acceptable faggotry